Thursday, 3 November 2011

Research into difference between local and national newspapers

Daily Mail (National)

Daily Mirror (National)

Daily Star (National)

 The obvious difference between local and national newspapers is that local newspapers provide local news! Whilst this is clear from the beginning I want to look into the design and layout of local newspapers in contrast to national ones so I can make my product look like a legitimate local print.  The first thing I noticed is that local newspapers have adverts on the front page, whereas national newspapers generally have other smaller stories surrounding the main article. Local newspapers need more money to keep going so adverts are an obvious choice, also some local newspapers (The Champion) are completely free so they rely on adverts from local businesses to remain in circulation. This not only keeps local news going it also helps to give exposure to local businesses. It is an advantageous situation for the whole community. For my local newspaper I will have to begin looking into the adverts used by local newspapers and attempt to replicate the same style in my print. As for the layout, national and local generally share the same characteristics (other than national news have shocking headlines which are usually about celebrities) so all I have to consider now is what I am going to use as adverts for my local print.
Daily Post (Local)

Liverpool Echo (Local)

Champion (Local)

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  1. You are right about statement that locla newspaper are complete perfect media about publish adverts in local newspapers.At other way national newspapers are complete reflection of media on national way.They are also have an complete ensight for media-casting your advertisements.On other hand, Local newspapaer are quite perfect when you want to talk on region leval.Your blog describes both the things completely.